Let us explain why TST is the best in the CONSTRUCTION machinery rental services.

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Your project is our project

technical service

Let your project in good hands. TST always offers you the possibility to entrust us your project from start to finish. Because the work well done is the job well done by committed professionals. And in TST accompany you during the entire process. In each service with each client, TST starts a path that ends only when you have reached the end of the best possible routing: customer satisfaction and a job well done.

technical service

Service, service, and service

More than 50 people working on each project to give the best service to our clients, whatever the need of the client. This is the secret that TST has made the main services of equipment rental company. The customer comes first.

Service 24 hours - 365 days. Only with service, and service are great clients and great friends.

TST offers specialized for each project divisions


TST will find the best professionals in each division to offer you solutions in:
TST Climate
TST Cold Industrial
TST Atmosphere
TST Electric Power
TST Ventilation
TST Quick Drying of Humidity

The appropriate technical department projected you the best solution in systems of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, air treatment, control of temperature and humidity, and power.

water chiller

TST offers it specialization is security, optimization and guarantee of success
Make sure that you leave your project in good hands, relies on the commitment of TST.

Commitment to the environment

TST is aware of your commitment to the environment. This performs a rigorous selection of rental equipment protocol, does not use fluoride gases or pollutants, strictly recycles every residue generated and promotes commitment with the environment with all the people in your environment. Because our environment is the environment of our children and future generations. And it is our duty to leave them a good environmental heritage, the best legacy that is in our hands.

.. .now you know why TST is the best in the CONSTRUCTION machinery rental services.

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We work in all Spain. Power stations in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and Bilbao

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