TST repeated success weatherizing the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Torres Servicios Técnicos has returned to work again in the biggest technology event of the year, the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona from 25 to 28 February. TST has been key to the climate of the different spaces.

cafección have installed equipment and electrical pontecia scattered throughout the exhibition to the needs of each space: 160,000 m3 / h air vent our boxes for tents; splits wall to heat the closed offices of the stands; stoves and heaters pyramid garden terraces and seating areas. In addition, we have installed over 1,000 KW power air conditioning with heat pump for the stands; UPS for connecting computers and our silent generators to provide electrical current technological presentations.

It also highlights the emergency department, which has been ready at all times during the celebration of the days of the congress. This assistance has served heating ventilation and requesting the stands to trial. A success in quickly and effectively.

TST is based on a professional service that has offered a wide variety of equipment for each area of the show and always has been integrated into the specific conditions of each construction of exhibition stands.

TST is regarding climate and energy in the most important fairs.


The news in the Journal of February 28 where they appreciate our outdoor stoves in areas of terraces.

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