MARCH 2013

TST part in the conference "Construction Equipment: where do we go?"

On March 1, the Auditorium José María Cuevas of the CEOE hosted the conference 'Building Equipment: where do we go?', Which was organized by the Spanish Association of Rental Companies Construction Machinery and Industry without operator (Aseamac), and sponsored by Smopyc fair 2014.

The program included a presentation by the presidents of the CNC and ASEAMAC, Juan Lazcano and Juan Torres, and two panel discussions focused on "the situation of machinery parks' and prospects, challenges and new scenarios for machinery '. The day ended with the intervention of Vice ASEAMAC, Ricardo Maguregui.

In the paper by Juan Jose Torres, Torres TST manager technical services, reflect on what they do in other countries and notes that most of them the machinery sector is one only, which bring together manufacturers, distributors and rental. Juan Jose continues: "So we decided to change a meeting renters only by a global meeting or stackholders together with all involved, adding representation from our key customers".
" It is easy to know where we come, we know most, but at my 2012 turnover would say I almost forgot, but it is worth reviewing was, where we are and to predict or at least try, the future".

"We come from:
- Demand very high, not coarse tipped to serve renters, dealers wanted more and more, and manufacturers sell what ever dreamed any commercial director. Perpetual inventory shortage.
- Very large number of operators, machinery parks generate infinite than 5 years after the crisis began we have not been able to adapt
- Perhaps not fail in the creation of a Regulatory Framework, renters appeared without further barrier to entry that have the resources to access the machine. As an example, passing paint stores or hardware stores to be renters taking the same path for the high demand".

"Right now, the alquileristas sector, we offer vs. decompensation. demand excessive park in five years we have not been regularized and, perhaps, this is in many renters must, hundreds of parked equipment, enter price wars, foreign powers and sometimes irregular, falling prices until point that the vast majority of companies do not know the black yet. Here customers have been able to give a few more twists to take almost to suffocation.
At this end, a dynamic collection absolutely untenable that end with the ability to overcome the red that torment us and international immaturity operators, only a few inches have entered the internationalization and the results are coming for most".

"Looking ahead we found:
- Much uncertainty, lack of a clear horizon.
- Increase sales forces or frozen. Lack of market direction.
- Changes to new models, Germany and Austria ... that makes us reflect
- Mergers between specialized or similar to be stronger or attack the internationalization".

Finally, adds Juan José, say one more optimistic view, "I would say you do not back down, but we are gaining momentum".

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