TST also weatherizes "The Wedding of the Year"

It takes 10 days of temperature in the tents.

The last Saturday, February 18, TST was present in the so-called "wedding of the year" which was held in A Coruña. For ten days, he was responsible for the air conditioning of the tents installed by the company De Boer to ensure an optimum temperature for such a special day. With the professional work of TST technical services to ensure a perfect temperature and an unbeatable quality of the air in the event that took place in A Coruña, TST met the requirements for a so important celebration. As a result, TST received the congratulations of the Organization for their good work.

The organization of the event relied on the experience of more than 35 years, security and reliability of TST technicians offered in major events. TST Technical Services present Towers at big events.

With headquarters in Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia and an upcoming opening in the North Central, TST again demonstrates his professionalism comes to Spain and the Islands.

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