TST in the Barcelona Boat Show

Was held from 26 to 30 September in Barcelona Boat Show with the biggest range of craft purchase - sale of Spain. This event is held in Port of Barcelona for the third year running. To do so, has enabled a Village at Pier of Spain, for the space needed weatherization and energize the tents where it is held and the space reserved for kitchens. TST services installed air conditioning and heating as well as three-phase and single-phase electrical panels required for the 5 day event.

The weather during the event varied depending on the day. Therefore, the air conditioners were chosen with the version that offers heat pump, the customer could weatherize evolving tents as outside ambient temperature.

TST offers contract hire and event transportation, assembly and disassembly of equipment, control and installation of equipment, technical service at the event and emergency department. Complete and professional service!

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