TST services installed generators rent for the Magi Kings of V. Mollet (Barcelona)

Up to fifteen different powers of TST technical services rental generators provided power enough in the floats of their Majesties the Kings from the East, passing through the streets of the municipality of Mollet del Vallès, in Barcelona.

The generators of TST Services who settled in each of the floats that paraded in the procession of kings consisted of sets of 12.5 KVA single phase MN 12500 H, 8 KVA 5 KVA single phase and single phase. To this is added 2 generators on standby which was added to prevent the unexpected. In addition to the electrical power equipment TST, one of the technicians accompanied TST Technical Services in a vehicle at the party along the way for proper installation, power and control of machinery.

The Ride of Kings, with floats decorated with elements of Greek and Roman mythology, was followed by many citizens without incident and walked the streets of the Catalan city.

The organization of the riding of Kings opted for experience over 35 years, security and reliability of TST technicians offered in major events.



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