Technical services towers (TST) works at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

From February 27 and March 1, Barcelona has become the benchmark of mobile technology with the celebration of the Mobile World Congress (MWC). In total, TST technical services is present in MWC 2012 with a number greater than 130 teams. Air conditioners, splits, generators, electrical distribution, air conditioners, fans, removal boxes, water coolers, outdoor ovens etc. are among the different equipment installed.
TST has also participated in the conditioning of the tent where will be presented the latest developments in computer science.

Air conditioning design and high-end Stands is a challenge for TST, given the difficulties encountered to minimize the visual impact that can produce equipment or accessories. To overcome this handicap, TST has proposed solutions in each case, and has managed and highly satisfactory results in terms of the integration of air conditioning systems in an environment such as that proposed the MWC clients.

The presence of TST in this edition of the Congress of mobile phone that has taken place in Barcelona, joins the participation of technical services towers in other events of outstanding importance as the Fira de Barcelona, pasarela 080 Fashion Week, among others, from the hands of clients who have trusted the air conditioning of different spaces of great relevance clients back to TST.

In the news published in El Periódico - Tuesday 29 February 2012 you can view our stoves outside (click to enlarge).

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