February 2012

The Director of TST participates in the presentation of the rental Forum I 2012 the sectoral meeting of the Confederation of rent will be held in Madrid

TST Technical Services, Juan José Torres Muñoz, Director-General participated a few days ago in the presentation of the Forum I to rent in Spain, the event that will gather professionals of the rental of machinery in Madrid on 24 and 25 may 2012. Juan José Torres Muñoz is also Vice-President of Confalq (Confederation of the rent) and President of Aseamac, one of the three associations - together with monastery and Fanagrumac - Confalq that form and that it is responsible for the Organization of the professional meeting.

The presentation also attended by Confalq President César Caudevilla on behalf of Fanagrumac and the Treasurer of Confalq, José Maria Marsal of monastery. The sectoral meeting for the month of may will take place in the Hotel Meliá Avenida América in Madrid and will be a space for exhibitors. It will also include an extensive programme of activities.

During the presentation of the Forum I of the rental, the general director of TST and Confalq Vice President, Juan José Torres, announced that the meeting "Will be a meeting for professionals, share ideas, find synergies and common solutions to the difficult situation in which the sector is immersed". In addition, for José Juan Torres: "the Forum of the rental will be the most important meeting in Spain point to hire managers, in conferences, round tables, workshops and activities of maximum interest to entrepreneurs will be held. There will be a specific space of exhibitors who bring us even more in these complex times. It will be an event that wants to grow every year into the annual meeting of professionals of the sector, similar to the Rental Show that ARA (American Rental Association) or the annual meeting of the ERA (European rental Association)".

Confalq was created in December 2010 with the aim of promoting the activity of rental companies. The founders of the entity are monastery, the National Association of traders of aerial work platforms; Aseamac, the Spanish Association for machinery renters for construction and industry without operator and Fanagrumac, the grouping national associations of renters and gruas-torre installers and construction machinery.

At the end of 2011, Confalq was composed by 141 partners (48 by monastery, Aseamac 47 and 46, Fanagrumac).

Technical services towers (TST) is a strong advocate of business associations. Different business associations membership is not merely formal, TST is involved in them in full as part of the Board as it is the case of ASEAMAC or ACIP, either collaborating in the drafting of reports, statistics, or formations.


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