TST heaters are present in the Barcelona fashion week

Technical services towers (TST) has been responsible for conditioned some of the areas of the ninth edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk, which was held in that city from 25 to 28 January. For every day of the celebration of the Act, TST has been also placed equipment maintenance, including Garden heaters, the electric forced air heaters and the i-terms, TST has installed in the cafeteria, the area of makeup and in the area of the change in wardrobe for the models who participated in the event.

TST Garden heaters are designed for outdoor environments with a high power air conditioning are equipped with safety valve and power regulator. The air TST electrical heaters are very powerful and silent portable heating equipment.

The 080 Barcelona Fashion designed catwalk makers for, inter alia, strengthen the links between design, industry, production and commercialisation of fashion, have been very satisfied with the record of visitors of this edition of the fashion week in Barcelona. And TST services is pleased to have been able to contribute with their contributions of machinery, in the square of the King as the Pi Barcelona plaza.

Large projects rely on the technical expertise of over 35 years of TST.


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