TST creates special tunnels under construction high flow and pressure fans

The Unit contributes to the prevention works with a high-risk job.

TST engineering technical team has designed a model of special fan for the construction of tunnels, galleries, excavations and large parking. Fan, high performance and high air flow design, is capable of maintaining the necessary ventilation tunnel up to 2 km during its construction, work with great difficulty of execution, great accumulation of environmental pollution and high labor risks.

As technicians of TST, in this type of underground constructions are piled up fumes from vehicles, there is dust suspended in the air, earthmoving occurs and there are emerging and polluting gases environmental that are difficult to extract and very dangerous for the professionals involved. In addition, in general, there are few points open outdoors on the inside of the construction for ventilation and inclusion of fresh air and is impossible to get the outside air at the end of the work. This implies a contrariety of difficult solution for occupational risk prevention companies specialized in tunnels. With the Special fan designed by TST provides a solution to this type of risk.

TST fan has a step of blade width to prevent deposits of dust and dirt and its efficiency is higher than 90%. Achieved in the device maximum air flow is 250,000 m3/h, has a diameter of 1.8 meters propeller and a maximum static pressure available from 1,400 pascals capable of maintaining the necessary ventilation in a tunnel up to 2 kilometers. The model is sturdy metal construction with protective gratings anti-shock, Interior acoustic insulation panels, aluminium anti-wear engine blades three-phase SIEMENS high performance and great resistance to charged environments. TST fan is also available in explosion-proof and reversible with automated air direction change.

With this new addition TST wide its range of special fans and remains leader in solutions for the ventilation of the tunnels during and after its construction process.


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