TST Services, in building the Data Processing Centre of Santander

The Dalkia Group hires air TST-the electric heaters to make load tests in the CPD of Banco Santander

On 16 December was inaugurated in Santander Center of process of data (CPD), a "bunker" of high security of Banco Santander, built according to the standards more demanding from the point of view of energy efficiency and security. This building is the largest bank in the world, and in the process of construction and commissioning of electrical installations, air conditioning systems, installation company Dalkia Group has worked with TST services for thermal and electrical testing of the facilities, which is expected to come into operation in 2012. The bunker is formed by two buildings linked by roads, the largest of them is 140 metres long, 80 meters wide and 15 meters high. The CPD of Santander is the fifth built by the Bank in the world.

Facilities, located in the Polígono Industrial Marina-Medio Cudeyo of Santander, TST was responsible for the temporary rental of electric forced air heaters for testing electrical distribution in resistive load and temperature in the data processing Center computer rooms. Aiming to simulate the electrical power and the temperature of the CPD in operation, the TST technicians distributed electric forced air heaters of 100 Kw using rental power cable across the network. The TST forced air heaters are electric generation equipment and warm air through electric heating elements suitable for large volumes, suitable for heating of air in large spaces to perform resistive load tests on electrical installations.

Once again demonstrates that major projects rely on the technical expertise of TST.


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