APRIL 2012

TST Pulveriza agua a los 24.000 corredores de la “Cursa de Bombers” de Barcelona


A few meters from the finish and for 4 hours continuously, the 24 freshers (water sprays) of TST Technical Services undertook to spray cooling water to the 24,000 runners who participated in the "Cursa Bombers" of Barcelona last April 22.

Installed in the tunnel of the Milky PowerSong Laietana, a space of 150 meters final tour loud music, TST sprays continuously provided fresh, motivated the runners on their last leg and encouraged the runners enter the coursing at the finish with a pleasant and refreshing feeling. In fact, as TST Technicians found in that part of the race participants were being and satisfaction in the presence of water spray.

The 24 TST freshers who installed the night before the race teams are totally ecological climate control with a powerful air flow with water spray. The effect of evaporative air produces a temperature drop of between 10 ° and 15 °. For TST, are suitable for events in the sun, open spaces, terraces, sport fields and other events that require a sense of freshness.

The 14 th. Bombers traverse Nike "We Run Barcelona" this year has meant an increase of 20% (with 24,000 entries) on the participation of the previous edition. Today is the second most popular race of 10 km. urban of all those held in Spain and has one of the fastest tracks in Europe.

Organizing the event has relied on the experience of more than 35 years, security and reliability in TST offers major events.

water spray

water spray

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