The new pump TST successfully performed one of his works.

Immediately solves a jam in the works of the streets of the Alamo (Madrid).

Torres Servicios Tecnicos has again offered a solution to the incident that took place a few days ago in the renovation and repair of public sanitation vials municipality of El Alamo (Madrid). With high flow pump water TST technicians got Torres Technical Services unclog the impeller of the work, and got an immediate solution, satisfying the customer, so that he could continue with the renovation of the streets of this Madrid town.

Using TST pump high-power, anti-clogging impeller and pump-bypass, achieved a better optimization of cubic meters pumped, which contributed to the success of the work performed by our technicians.

The high flow pump water TST is one of the best on the market to perform this task. It is also one of the recent additions to the water pump complete catalog of machinery TST.

Large projects rely on the technical expertise of TST.


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