TST services teams air-conditioned facilities of Abertis in the Zona Franca

TST services has installed a chiller of 330 kW, a  generator of 180 kVA and up to 4 units of 45 kW to keep cooling in the room of the CPD's (towers of computers processing) of the company Abertis, in one of its buildings of the Parc Logistic of the zone Franca de Barcelona (PLZF).

TST services has been responsible for the temporary installation of machinery to achieve a proper air conditioning of the room while the company performing maintenance on the fixed installation of the enclosure.

The cooling plant of 330 kW of TST services is a machine of latest technology with Scroll compressors with 6 stages of power and high energy efficiency. The generator installed by TST in the Abertis building belongs to the XXL Rental Power models and consists of a high quality equipment, with an intelligent control unit for control of all the parameters of the equipment, an engine and an alternator oversized to meet unexpected surges and a special Euro-Silenced System soundproofing - 30 DB. For its part, air conditioners are great design and have a very low noise level.

TST again gives the solution to major problems



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