TST in major events with the warming of the tent that welcomes the reopening of the Plaza de Toros de Valencia

It happened on 12 March. Reinauguraba Valencia Plaza de Toros de Valencia (declared monument of cultural interest) having completed the rehabilitation and improvement of the Valencia bullring inside, work that began a year earlier. Moreover, this act is also given trophies Taurinos Provincial Council of Valencia in July Fairs and failures of 2009 and 2010. TST was there to heat adequately the marquee to celebrate the event which took place in the speech of the president of the council, Alfonso Rus. Also participating were representatives of Tourism and the Lungs, Isidro Prieto, and General Management, Charlotte Navarro, and the mayor of Valencia, Rita Barbera, including provincial and regional authorities.

TST installed 3 units of Hot Air Generator G-Star Comfort of indirect combustion 70 kW and 1 unit of Group generator XXL Rental Power Euro-Silenced System - 60 kVA 30dB, one of the quietest generators on the market and manufactured by technical Specifications for Electrical Power TST division.

The opening ceremony symbolic of the bullring in Valencia was crowded. Attendees were able to see first hand the result of the remodeling work, which have involved the execution of five modules and five small cabins toilets on the first floor, provision of fire escapes and disabled access, the execution of step face brick and mounting plates and precast concrete banks, among other works.

Entrusted with organizing the event again for the experience of more than 35 years, security and reliability of TST technicians offered in major events. TST always committed to the environment with the installation of its machinery with quiet operation.


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