TST pumping diverted the course of the Besòs river with the rental of water pumps diesel supersilenciadas

A by-pass via vacuum pump silent for work in the area of casing: that was the solution that provided technical services towers with a silent Diesel pump CD - 150 M, so the maintenance and rehabilitation of piping systems, services could match and repair the section of sewer system in the walk of Arenys de Mar without having to perform any ditch, or lifting of sidewalk. You could thus ensure minimal environmental impact.

TST contributed to the trenchless repair work by a jacket of some 30 meters to the collector with resin and then drying with ultra violet rays. Silent water pump TST CD-150M, for a lot of water and with a suction capacity of 350 cubic meters per hour, a hose 6 "and a pitch of 65 mm solid was best for the job .

Again, TST committed to the work environment with minimal environmental impact and the quiet work of its machinery.


Water Pumps

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