TST Services provides expertise in air conditioning and energy during the global launch of the new Peugeot 508

The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia hosts until next February 5 representatives from more than 3,800 dealers and importers to present the latest release of the French firm. TST Services was the company responsible for such unique facilities weatherization

The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia hosts since last January 9 until next February 5 the world premiere of the new Peugeot 508, a first class event, which requires a high commitment given the presence during this time of the main distributors of the brand worldwide.
TST Services was the company responsible for ensuring the air conditioning, in this case the heating, Hemisféric 15 for holding gala dinners. It has also been entrusted with the responsibility for providing electrical power and distribution of the same tasks for air conditioning, kitchen, lighting and sound. TST Services also performs the same electrical power coverage in the Science Museum Principe Felipe.
"After more than 35 years carrying out projects of air conditioning, I would say that the uniqueness of this work comes from the city of Arts and Sciences in Valencia." In particular, the Hemisfèric Pavilion, already its beautiful structure we presented as a challenge. All around the perimeter, up to 15 meters in height, the Hemisfèric consists of crystals that give us a very low isolation level. "Each glass is separated from the rest by about 10 centimeters, so the air meets little resistance to traverse the Hemisfèric," says Juan Jose Torres, Director General of TST services.
"The following handicap to get comfort in heating temperature is its great height, because warm air tends to rise, stratifying, and that must be compensated by an oversize of the heating power".
"It has also been a difficulty introducing the hot air inside the enclosure, since its doors at the ends and separated by a hundred yards away, in a landmark building and with some needs where the corporate image of Peugeot should prevail all. This limited any possibility of using air distribution ducts and should be recalled that in the air conditioning of spaces of this size it is not the power complex, ie, the amount of cold or heat, but not to control it generate superheated zones and cold zones, "says Juan José Torres.
To address these challenges, TST Services has assembled a complete device that includes four sets for a total of 530 kVA, electrical panels of different sizes and powers, an amount of approximately 800 meters of cables of different diameters for power distribution, and diesel fuel combustion boiler for a total of 1400 kW of heating power. Because of the difficulty installing fuel tank farms, this project requires a daily refueling, at a special time to prevent the movement of fuel in the presence of visitors.
"It is in these details where TST offers solutions with added value over other competitors. Perhaps in this project, what makes us most proud is the fact that the end user just appreciate the existence of heating equipment, given the excellent adaptation made to the look and atmosphere generated by Peugeot, "says Juan Jose Torres .
TST Services started this show on Monday January 3 for the final test on Saturday 8 January and the inauguration on Sunday.
During each event is attended by two specialized technical services TST to avoid any electrical or climate impact. Since the schedule of events is no day has required his signature 24-hour service and no activity in the time slot of the night. Still, some improvements were made in time almost overnight.
TST Services has coordinated this unique work from Valencia office, which is in full operation since May 2010 with the intention of offering service to customers in the shortest time possible and with all the benefits that entails.
"Increasingly our customers and new customers are enjoying as much as we of our headquarters in Valencia. We have an extensive experience in major events and highly publicized nationwide. And now, we are pleased to reach this landmark space in Valencia. We want to highlight the collaboration offered in this work by the technicians and staff of the City of Arts and Sciences and of course, thank the confidence in our company Peugeot, "says Juan José Torres.
Services TST specializes since 1975 in the rental of air conditioning equipment, electric power, industrial refrigeration, quick drying works, tunnels and forced ventilation for works and environment. TST Services is involved in the sectors where it belongs as part of the most relevant associations. In this sense, is a member of the board of the association ASEAMAC.
Currently has offices in Catalonia, Madrid, Seville and Valencia. During these 35 years has been careful preparation to have an emergency service coverage in a period less than 3 hours in areas close to their headquarters and 10 hours at any point of the peninsula.

"The commitment to service is our hallmark. Specialized technicians and own transport us apart and we add value to certain customers who demand care to detail for their projects, concludes Juan José Torres.



heating peogeot

heating peogeot

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