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Last April was organized sporting event in a tent that simulated the structure of a football giant 500 square meters, located in the Plaza Felipe II of Madrid, to celebrate a championship sponsored by a famous brand of beer. It was the football championship organized by the Madrid Federation of football, with the collaboration of the Spanish Federation. And there was also TST. Inside the tent, heated by TST, there were 40 wooden table football, with players mimicking the colors of football teams Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

On this occasion, TST dealt with air condition and giving the tent, installing almost 300KW of cooling capacity of air conditioning by using autonomous equipment air conditioning with heat pump and a generator of 250 KVA power model XXL income Power Euro-Silenced System - 30dB, with an engine and an alternator oversized to meet unexpected surges and a special soundproofing that make it the quietest on the market. In addition, the entire installation was integrated without make you appreciate the design of the event.

The organizers of the Championship qualified the edition of the sporting event of "very successful", after the participation of 84 pairs and the intervention of players so well known as Ricardo Gallego, Rafael Martin-vazquez, Iker Casillas (Real Madrid) and Julio Salinas, Eusebio Sacristán and Villa (from FC Barcelona).

TST is glad to have contributed to the smooth operation of the football championship.

TST Technical Services is present in large events.

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