TST, the presentation in Barcelona the first boat of its kind in the world with one hundred percent organic navigation

TST participated in the presentation of a totally ecological vehicle, the boat Acciona, at Port Olympic in Barcelona on 26 October. On that occasion TST provided mainly temporary power supply and also ancillary facilities that allow the most of that power.

In the event of promotion of the sailboat IMOCA Open 60 'Activated', which will participate in the known Vendée Globe 2012 (around the world solo without scales or assists), with a system based on hydrogen fuel cell engine, TST contributed with a generator XXL-250 KVA, that has a motor and alternator oversized to meet unexpected surges and a special Euro-Silenced System soundproofing - 30 dB which makes it one of the quietest on the market. In addition, TST installed 4 switchboards Siemens different powers for the temporary installation that distributed the entire power network to all points of the event using extensions for wiring to the lights of emergency and autonomous air conditioning equipment. In total, almost a half of rental equipment that contributed to that the presentation of the IMOCA Open 60 in Port Olímpic sailboat developed as expected by the organizers.

Organizing the event once again relied on the experience of over 35 years, security and reliability of TST technicians offered at big events.

Large projects rely on the expertise of TST.


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