Emergency generators by storms on the Costa Brava

On 24 October in the Costa Brava fell more than 95 liters per square meter by the heavy rains that occurred, especially between 4 and 7 in the morning. Caused flooding of streets, roundabouts, low shops and about 3,000 people were without power for several hours.

The biggest incident of the day was in Blanes the eviction of the residents of the building located in one of the main streets of the municipality, no. 54 rue Ruyra Joaquim due to structural deficiencies were detected and a mismatch of 10 cm of the fundamentals of building 8 homes, caused by the accumulation of water in the stream that passes under the street. Urgently, municipal technicians were injected concrete and iron plates placed under the building, as well as reduce the accumulated water.

In this operation TST also responded urgently, with the addition of a generator of 40KVA Silenced Euro-System-30dB, for the service of power to the pumps working continuously 24 hours a day.

TST is again the best option in cases of high responsibility for the prompt response, the reliability of the groups and customer service 24 hours a day.

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