Rental of generators silent, effective and accountable to the environment

The use of biodiesel generators rental TST XXL Rental Power energy quality offers a higher lubricity, a reduction in sulphur emissions and a reduction of aromatic by-products of combustion. Biodiesel has a high content of cetane, which facilitates the ignition of the mixture. It also produces less visible smoke and reduces the content of particles, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide from the emissions generated by a motor.

Groups generating TST XXL Rental Power comply with regulations of emissions for applications in the outside.
engines generators combine technology proven to improve fuel economy and performance of its engines, fulfilling the emission control regulations. Less than 0.3% of the exhaust emissions of engines for off-road contains pollutants such as CO, HC, NOx and PM. The rest (99.7%) of the exhaust gas is composed of natural elements such as nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), and steam (H2O)

Electronic Unit Injector (EUI): In larger engines using the fuel injection system EUI, to increase the injection pressure and achieve a cleaner combustion. This helps to reduce the content of NOx and particulates.
Electronic regulators: Another key component in reducing emissions is the engine control unit (ECU). Models and uses sensors to control the main functions of motor, such as fuel metering, the injection timing, the air-fuel ratio, multiple injections, cooled EGR ratio, and various additional control parameters to achieve the maximum performance and fuel economy of the engine.

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