TST in the presentation of a new car model Elciego (Logroño)


For the presentation of the vehicle from a known brand, which lasted more than 15 days, De Boer, the event organizers did not want to risk in setting up the place, a tent Elciego (Logroño). A proof of this is that they trusted to heat TST services correctly the area, providing it with adequate and sufficient power and bring it by the feet of wire needed to ensure success in the presentation of the vehicle.

On this occasion, TST incorporated two generators, models XXL Rental Power Euro-Silenced System - 30dB which belong to the Group of the quieter of the market: one of 160 KVA and one of 200 KVA. Also, TST installed the three-phase electrical box Siemens, who was in charge of distributing power to all points of the tent through power wiring.

To heat the area, TST Services installed 6 air conditioners with heat pump, which took care to maintain proper temperature during the days of the event. In addition, TST technicians remained in the days of the event for proper development.

The important thing is the reason for the event, TST makes you enjoy the event with the perfect temperature and the electricity needed.

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