JUNE 2011

Air conditioning for the CPD of Alba synchrotron

The Synchrotron Alba in Cerdanyola del Valles is one of the most advanced research infrastructures in Europe, with facilities of 22,870 m². This is a very high scientific equipment level that contributes to almost all areas of knowledge. The infrastructure uses an advanced electron accelerator to produce an extraordinarily intense-light a billion times more powerful than X-rays which allows to observe microscopic phenomena with exceptional accuracy and discover the secrets of atoms and particles.

In many centers there are synchrotron data processing (CPD) for its management. This June the high temperatures were jeopardizing the proper functioning of the facility with the expertise that went to the TST for the temporary solution of cold air in the CPD. TST installed portable air conditioning, lowered the temperature of the CPD and fixed so the problem immediately.

Large projects rely on the expertise of TST



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