TST ensures electricity and air conditioning in the 58th trophy of tennis Conde de Godó

water chiller

This weekend has started 58 Trofeo Conde de Godo Tennis is performed at the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona 1899. To do this, many manufacturers have been working for the past two weeks to service the event. TST has been responsible for the installation of generators for lighting, kitchens, displays, sound, television, etc..

generator 1250 kVA

In addition TST has installed a power plant of 1250 KVA to ensure automatic emergency power in case the connection fails Endesa, ensuring that the event continues.

air conditioning

On the other hand TST has installed over 500 kW of air conditioning of all facilities: restaurant, gym, media room, etc..

TST has once again demonstrated its technical and aesthetic level.

Hopefully the trophy remains in the hands of the Spanish players.

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TST in Godo


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