MAY 2010

A very familiar

It does feel strange talking about a small business expansion plans. Torres Group do: work office in April in Seville in May 2011 in Valencia and Bilbao. "The crisis is over", said Juan Jose Torres, collegial and accountable CETIB the image and sales company. "What we have now is what we live for years. We've become accustomed, "he continues. He along with his brothers George, Mari Carmen and Anna Lis, and led by Jose Torres, father of the family and the company, moving the gears of the group.

The Torres Group is organized into four companies.

TST is specialized in renting equipment for weather, ventilation, atmosphere, electric power, industrial cooling and drying of damp. Have more than 2,200 devices have been used for many events such as the Davis Cup held last year in Barcelona, the TV3 Marathon or the ventilation tunnels of large infrastructure. The secret of success is total customer orientation, are offering high quality pieces. Do not outsource any part of the process, so they can respond very quickly.
"The rental business is local. If the weather crashed the server room can not wait, "said Juan Jose.

Moreover, Mator is a distributor of industrial cleaning machinery and climate. Offer from a vacuum to a small electric sanders for large surfaces. The third group company's machines and machines Barcelona, renting up to 140 different types of machines: industrial, construction, gardening, cleaning, etc.. .

Cycling can move the world is the latest initiative of the Torres family, a project in which there have been many efforts and enthusiasm. During XX ten months of the company together to develop a new system must provide the bicycle in cities. It is a tricycle without chains, with eight gears and integrated GPS. The new system being built the first prototypes, gives the user greater independence, since control of the satellite bikes can park it anywhere. "This prevents problems that occur on the beach in Barcelona, "for example, where the summer is impossible leave a bike there because the stations are full."

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We work in all Spain. Power stations in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and Bilbao

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