Clear Objectives

TST mission


Offer a range of services and solutions that enable our customers to meet their needs with confidence and peace of mind thanks to our expertise, our quick response, our commitment and our willingness. Create a sympathetic chain between suppliers, customers, business, society and employees to remain balanced and sustained by personal relationships, emotions, the economic flow and the mutual commitments of responsibility.

TST vision


Create a solid business structure and flexible, open to new ideas and new projects in order to translate them into new solutions for our customers and ourselves pioneers and leaders in a variety of services, features, innovations and solutions as society changes at state.


TST values


Excellence: The search for perfection in all activities of the company continually makes us moving, awake, aware, and that makes us feel successful every day.

Innovation: Finding new solutions, new mechanisms imagine, meet new technology and apply it to our daily work creatively offering a continuous supply of solutions to the needs of customers, our coworkers and our environment.

Economic strength: Economic benefits is the basic support of all individuals and families surrounding TST: employees, managers, suppliers, customers and creditors, all united in branching supported by the economic result which gives a job well done.

Illusion: The illusion of work today, to achieve small goals, to smile imagine wanting to do a better, always better.

Interest in people: Can be heard as equals in every corner of the Torres Group, how you doing, how are you?, How I can help?. You just need to put the ear.

Teamwork: People together in an activity for the same objective or objectives different, but together, with the ultimate recognition of work well done, the affection of our environment and well-being.

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We work in all Spain. Power stations in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and Bilbao

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