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TST repeated success weatherizing the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona


We collaborated again in the biggest technology event space providing air conditioning and generators.

TST, the presentation in Barcelona the first boat of its kind in the world with one hundred percent organic navigation

heating groups

TST participated in the presentation of a totally ecological vehicle, the boat Acciona, at Port Olympic in Barcelona on 26 October. On that occasion TST provided mainly temporary power supply and also ancillary facilities that allow the most of that power.

TST Garden heaters present at the Premiere of Cirque du Soleil in Barcelona


To ensure a warm climate at a time at low temperatures, TST different stoves installed outdoors.

TST heaters are present in the Fashion Week in Barcelona


TST has been responsible for weatherizing some areas of the ninth edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion by garden heaters, electric heaters and i-terms.

TST weatherizes Cup Championship in football Mahou de Madrid


The month of April was organized sporting event in a tent that simulated the structure of a football giant, installed in Plaza Felipe II of Madrid, to celebrate a championship sponsored by a well known brand of beer. It was the football championship organized by the federation of football. Inside the tent, heated by TST, there were 40 wooden foosball.

TST in major events with the warming of the tent that welcomes the reopening of the Plaza de Toros de Valencia


It happened on 12 March. Reinauguraba Valencia Plaza de Toros de Valencia (declared monument of cultural interest) having completed the rehabilitation and improvement of the Valencia bullring inside, work that began a year earlier. Moreover, this act is also given trophies Taurinos Provincial Council of Valencia in July Fairs and failures of 2009 and 2010. TST was there to heat adequately the marquee to celebrate the event which took place in the speech of the president of the council, Alfonso Rus

TST accompanies the Oktoberfest in Barcelona


The next 12, 13 and 14 October in the Park is organized the Forum of Barcelona's first beer festival in true German style: The Oktoberfest in Barcelona. This event is designed as a festival where access is free. TST participates looking forward to this memorable event

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TST Services, in building the Data Processing Centre of Santander


The Dalkia Group hires electric heaters TST for testing load on the CPD of Banco Santander

TST conditions the tent of the King in the expansion of the refinery "La Rabida" in Huelva


In October 2010, His Majesty King Juan Carlos inaugurated the Cepsa refinery expansion 'La Rabida', located in Palos de la Frontera (Huelva), a project in which the company had invested more than 1,100 million euros and implies doubling the capacity of the installation.

TST emergency air conditioning installed in the commercial center of Bonaire Aldaia

Centro Comercial Bonaire

On July 18th a sudden failure of the air conditioning system air conditioning knocked out a mall area Bonaire Aldaia (Valencia).

Air conditioning workers targeted for NISSAN

Aire Acondicionado Nissan

Last June, Nissan decided to install air conditioning in expanding its plant in the Zona Franca de Barcelona, where they are building the new Nissan Pathfinder.

Air conditioning for the CPD of Synchrotron Alba

Aire Acondicionado Sincotron

The Synchrotron Alba in Cerdanyola del Valles is one of the most advanced research infrastructures in Europe, with facilities of 22,870 m². This is a very high scientific equipment level that contributes to almost all areas of knowledge.

TST teams climatizan Services Abertis facilities in the Free Zone


TST Services has installed a chiller of 330 kW, a generator of 180 kVA and up to 4 air conditioning units from 45 kW to maintain cooling in the room of the CPD's (towers processing computers) of the company Abertis, one of their buildings Logistics Park Free Zone Barcelona (PLZF).

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Ventilation boxes TST in the most amazing places.

Ventilación insólita

TST is present in unusual places and jobs, in this case working in the decontamination of soils of shooting ranges with soundproof airbox of 105,000 m3 / h.

The new pump TST successfully performed one of his works

Bombeo de agua

TST has again offered a solution to the incident that took place a few days ago in the renovation and repair of public sanitation vials municipality of El Alamo (Madrid).

The water pump diesel silent TST, the solution to work with minimal environmental impact Arenys de Mar

Bombeo de agua

A by-pass by silent suction pump to work in the cladding, that was the solution that brought TST Technical Services, with a Silent Diesel CD-150M, for maintenance and rehabilitation of piping systems, could adapt and repair the sewer stretch of Paseo de Mar Arenys without having to make any ditch, or sidewalk lifting. This could ensure minimal environmental impact.

TST Pumping diverts the river Besos with renting diesel pumps supersilenciadas

Bombeo de agua

Company "Enagas, SA" has begun pipeline works buried gas pipeline to transport natural gas primary runs along the river Besos and has a total of 25 kilometers. For pipe trenches is necessary to divert the river and maintain the water table below the work area with water pumps for rent.

TST fans create wealth and immense pressures for tunnels under construction


The technical team of TST Technical Services has designed a special fan model for the construction of tunnels, galleries, ancient and large car parks. The fan, high performance and high air flow, is able to maintain adequate ventilation in a tunnel up to 2 miles during its construction, some jobs with great difficulty implementing large accumulation of high environmental pollution and occupational hazards.

Emergency generators by storms on the Costa Brava


On 24 October in the Costa Brava fell more than 95 liters per square meter by the heavy rains that occurred, especially between 4 and 7 in the morning. Caused flooding of streets, roundabouts, low shops and about 3,000 people were without power for several hours.

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Begins the summer and our climate events Division has already made great services

events climate

Starts the summer and with them the events abroad. Our Division has already started the rental service of air conditioning and generator sets for events taking place outdoors such as parks, gardens, beaches, sites, restaurants, squares...

Our cold Industrial Division includes 1 million BTU over


Coolers for rent this summer and it passes heat!

TST provides electrical power to the gay pridetst-godo

A year has celebrated Gay Pride Day 2011 from 18 to 28 June in Barcelona, also known as Pride Barcelona 2011.

TST with large and small cultural events


Last summer, El Teatro Casa de Vacas, in the Retiro Park of Madrid, came to the technical services of TST Madrid need a generator for electrical power to get the right to hold their shows. The technical solution of the TST was immediate: they installed a group of 80 KVA and deposit, with a motor and an oversized alternator to meet unexpected surges and special soundproofing reduction of -30 dB, making it one of the groups quietest generators. With the wiring in TST the show, those days of summer, was guaranteed.
TST, a thousand and one solutions to your service.

TST Services provides expertise in air conditioning and energy during the global launch of the new Peugeot 508

gpeugeot heating generators

The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia hosts until next February 5 representatives from more than 3,800 dealers and importers to present the latest release of the French firm. TST Services was the company responsible for weatherization and energy to such unique facilities.

Air conditioning and power generators in the presentation of perfumes 2011 BC Experience the Brands

Aire Acondicionado Experience Brands

The April 15 THE BRAND EXPERIENCE presented, the new perfume from brands such as Prada and celebrities such as Shakira and Antonio Banderas. For this special event spaces were created at the port of Barcelona.

TST in the presentation of a new car model Elciego (Logroño)

electrical power Elciego

For the presentation of the vehicle from a known brand, which lasted more than 15 days, De Boer, the event organizers did not want to risk in setting up the place, a tent Elciego (Logroño). A proof of this is that they trusted to heat TST services correctly the area, providing it with adequate and sufficient power and bring it by the feet of wire needed to ensure success in the presentation of the vehicle.

Air conditioning in the tent at the Goya Awards 2011

Air conditioning Goya Awards

This weekend have been held Goya Awards 2011 at the Teatro Real in Madrid.
Despite the rain and cold everything went as planned, thanks to the heating of a transparent tent and tunnel access to the Theatre Royal that installed Tent Press (www.carpapress.com) along with Arab-ian.
In this space the press could have contact with the guests on the red carpet. generators were installed and electric heaters inside the tent and tunnel all the way to maintain a comfortable temperature in the month of February where the invited celebrities and actresses could show off their models for the occasion.

TST Technical Services present Towers at big events.

Our kids go Turó de la Peira in the Mundo Deportivo with Ivan Tibau


TST sponsors soccer teams of Benjamins of Peira Turo in Barcelona. On Sunday 23 January, the new sports Secreario the Government made ​​the kick off in a game that our kids played against Don Bosco. Mira la noticia del Mundo Deportivo>>

TST specializes in fast drying moisture


TST performs fast drying of damp-dried pavement and small panels of walls and ceilings with traditional industrial infrared heaters. These teams butane combustion emit a concentrated heat output in the area moist, which guarantees a very fast drying process in the area.

Climate Extreme World Championship 2011 in La Molina Snow


La Molina and Barcelona have been the site of the FIS Snowboard World 2011 to be held from 15 to 23 January. For this event we needed weatherize all clustered precincts where athletes, journalists, teams of the tournament. Temperatures during those days did not reach 5°C, this required heating generators that will support the day and night temperatures.

Technical engineering team was interviewed by the magazine Theknos


Technical engineering team was interviewed by the magazine Theknos

UPS: Teams That secure the power no matter what

alquiler of sai

Uninterruptible Power Supplies UPS
Teams that ensure additional power supply in case of power failure and can leave a margin of time between 10 minutes and 2 hours to save the installation and avoiding accidental cutting of computer data loss and damage electronic equipment such as plasma displays, servers, etc..

TST another year working with the TV3 Marathon

Water Pumps

TST Technical Services, Equipment Rental for temporary installations, one year present in the Marathon 2010 "Bone Marrow Lesions · i cerebrals adquirides lars." For 10 years, TST is working with this organization to offer its machinery and its installation for free to air condition the social event of TV3, while all customers send information from the annual campaign of The Marathon and encourages them to contribute to the cause.Join and participate!

Rental of generators quiet, efficient and environmentally responsible


El empleo de biodiesel de calidad en los generadores de energía de alquiler TST XXL Rental Power ofrece una mayor lubricidad, una reducción de las emisiones de azufre y una reducción de los subproductos aromáticos de la combustión. El biodiesel dispone de un alto contenido de cetano, que facilita el encendido de la mezcla. También produce menos humo visible y reduce el contenido de partículas, hidrocarburos, monóxido de carbono y dióxido de carbono de las emisiones generadas por un motor.

TST emergency heating installed in the production chain SEAT


On 13 December there was an accidental failure in the pipes of the heating system of one of the production halls of components in the SEAT Martorell of 75,000 m2. The accident left the company workers in cold winter conditions which caused the stoppage in the production line.

TST heated to pop stars on MTV Madrid 2010

MTV heating

On Sunday, November 7, held in Madrid the MTV EMA Awards 2010 which took the greatest international pop stars. Prepared for the event two spaces, one for concerts at the Puerta de Alcalá and the other for the prize in "The Magic Box". At that time the temperature ranged between 5 and 10 ° C, which was necessary to ensure proper air conditioning to the success of the event and the convenience of pop stars and the audience.

TST get the 5,000 stoves rented garden


Right now, in December 2010 the TST management program has recorded the 5,000 th yard stove. Since its inception in the 90's, TST Garden heaters installed in many locations throughout its history and has constantly innovated in quality, delivery and collection at home. TST currently offers the range of stainless steel garden more attractive in the industry with the famous covers of colors to suit the client can go to match the colors of space.

TST exhibiting at FICCAR

air conditioning Ficcar

It was held in Carmona, Seville, the Second International Horse Fair 2010.The climate TST technical team, division specializing in air conditioning (temperature control, humidity, air speed and quality since 1972) has been exhibiting at installing the better and efficient air conditioning equipment for the event. It has used hot air generators with indirect diesel combustion.

TST services in the fifty-ninth trophy Conde de Godó. A success!


From 16 to 24 April marked the 59th Trofeo Conde de Godo being the winner Rafael Nadal showing his superiority by winning the final against compatriot David Ferrer 6-2, 6-4 in less than two hours of play.

The huge event attended each year as the facilities of the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona with an area of ​​over 20,000 square meters to accommodate the many tents and booths, restaurants, spaces for players, bleachers, sports facilities and training, shops, media and private premises.

To put this event on this scale again trust the organization a year on the experience and professionalism of TST TORRES SERVICIOS TECNICOS adapted wiring and temporary climate control and took the responsibility of maintenance during the massive event.

TST collaborates in the event BierGarten Maresme

BierGarten Maresme

On 12, 13 and July 14 BierGarten Maresme or organized the Beer Festival in Vilassar de Dalt (Maresme), a large festival with totally free access.

New service for annual maintenance of generators

Servicio de Mantenimiento

Our Division of Electric Power gives new annual service aimed at hotels and restaurants. The generators that carry six months without work, may fail to respond in an emergency with the problems that entails.

TST part in the conference "Construction Equipment: where do we go?"

jornada construcción

On March 1, the Auditorium José María Cuevas of the CEOE hosted the conference 'Building Equipment: where do we go?', Which was organized by the Spanish Association of Rental Companies Construction Machinery and Industry without operator (Aseamac), and sponsored by Smopyc fair 2014.

TST repeated success weatherizing the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona


Torres Servicios Técnicos has returned to work again in the biggest technology event of the year, the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona from 25 to 28 February. TST has been key to the climate of the different spaces.

TST accompanies the Oktoberfest in Barcelona

aire acondicionado boda

The next 12, 13 and 14 October in the Park is organized the Forum of Barcelona's first beer festival in true German style: The Oktoberfest in Barcelona. This event is designed as a festival where access is free. TST participates looking forward to this memorable event.

TST in the Barcelona Boat Show

anautical air conditioning

Was held from 26 to 30 September in Barcelona Boat Show with the biggest range of craft purchase - sale of Spain. This event is held in Port of Barcelona for the third year running. To do so, has enabled a Village at Pier of Spain, for the space needed weatherization and energize the tents where it is held and the space reserved for kitchens. TST services installed air conditioning and heating as well as three-phase and single-phase electrical panels required for the 5 day event.

Air Conditioning hire at weddings this summer

air conditioning wedding

Good weather has arrived and with it the wedding. Many couples choose outdoor sites or in tents where it is necessary to provide the temperature is going to do in such an important day. Not to forget the midday heat and cold when evening falls. TST works renting equipment hot air and cold air to any outdoor space is, tents, terraces, halls, meeting rooms.

TST handles another year of the electrical system, air conditioning and lighting Godo Trophy 2012

2012 Godó weather tennis

For several weeks, almost two dozen technical TST Technical Services are given in the preparation and assembly of generators, air conditioning, lighting and wiring of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell 60° Trofeo Conde de Godo, to be held at the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona from 21 to 29 April.

TST Spray water to the 24,000 runners of the "Cursa Bombers" in Barcelona

spraying water

A few meters from the finish and for 4 hours continuously, the 24 freshers (water sprays) of TST Technical Services undertook to spray cooling water to the 24,000 runners who participated in the "Cursa Bombers" of Barcelona last April 22.

We work at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona


From 27 February to 1 March, Barcelona has become the benchmark of mobile technology with the celebration of the Mobile World Congress (MWC). In total, TST Technical Services is present in the MWC 2012 with a number higher than 130 teams. Air conditioners, splits, generators, electrical distribution, air conditioners, fans, exhaust boxes, water chillers, outdoor stoves, etc.. are among the various devices installed.

TST also weatherizes "The Wedding of the Year"

zara wedding

It takes 10 days of temperature in the tents. On Saturday February 18, TST was present in the so-called "Wedding of the Year" held in A Coruña. For ten days was responsible for the heating of the tents set up by De Boer to ensure an optimum temperature for a special day. With the professional work of TST Technical Services to ensure a perfect temperature and a superb air quality at the event held in A Coruña, TST met the requirements for a celebration so relevant.

The Director of TST participating in the presentation of the First Forum of Holiday 2012 The sectoral meeting of the Confederation of rental will be held in Madrid

rental forum

The Director-General of TST Technical Services, Juan Jose Torres Muñoz, participated last week at the presentation of the First Forum of Rent in Spain, the event in Madrid bringing together professionals to hire and 24 and 25 May 2012. Juan Jose Torres Muñoz is also vice president of Confalq (Confederation of Rent) and president of ASEAMAC, one of the three associations, along with Anapat and Confalq Fanagrumac-forming and is responsible for organizing the professional meeting.

TST Services installs generators for rent for the Kings of Mollet V. (Barcelona)


Up to fifteen different powers of TST technical services rental generators provided power enough in the floats of their Majesties the Kings from the East, passing through the streets of the municipality of Mollet del Vallès, in Barcelona...

TST Alcampo air-conditioning facilities in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona)

The mall Alcampo Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona) had to do last November maintaining their usual air conditioning machinery, a process in which it would remain standing for 10 days. Not to leave the mall without air conditioning during the maintenance period, the company responsible trusted TST Services, who handled the right acondicionamieno shopping center with the installation of a water chiller with heat pump 330kW.

TST install air conditioning Emergency Psychiatric Hospital in Reus

Pere Mata Center Chiller

TST installed a 330kW water chiller with a generator to supply power at the Psychiatric Hospital Pere Mata in Reus on 30 June.

Interview with Juan Jose Torres, president of ASEAMAC

Since last April, Juan Jose Torres holds the presidency of ASEAMAC (Spanish Association of Rental Companies Construction Machinery and Industry without operator), an organization that for 15 years has fought to defend the interests of Spanish companies hire machinery. The many serious problems facing this market have scared this young Catalan businessman, who has assumed this new role as a challenge that contribute their ideas to win in professionalization. In Inter-we had the opportunity to know his views on the situation of the sector.

TST Projects: New Industry-specific catalog

Rental Generators, chillers, air conditioning, washers, water pumps, etc...

TST Levante

All our fleet now in the central Mediterranean coast in Valencia. View data center in Valencia>>

TST Seville

The center of Seville is in full swing throughout the south: events, construction, industry, individuals ... View data center in Seville>>

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Drying TST Division is committed to training

Drying TST

TST feel involved in the training of more young people to form good deal professionally with the future with optimism and preparation.

TST saves the inauguration of the Barcelona World Race Expo tent


On Saturday December 13 opened the tent that housed 3,700 m2 Expo Barcelona World Race in Port Vell in the presence of Mayor of Barcelona, Jordi Hereu. This time the event organizers opted to hire the services of heating machines to a company of Santa Margarida i els Monjos (Tarragona) entrusting the responsibility of the air conditioning of the contest.

TST ensures Electric & Air Conditioning in 58 Trofeo Conde de Godo Tennis

tst godo

This weekend has started 58 Trofeo Conde de Godo Tennis is performed at the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona 1899. To do this, many manufacturers have been working for the past two weeks to service the event. TST has been responsible for the installation of generators for lighting, kitchens, displays, sound, television, etc..

TST in the Davis Cup finaltst-davis-cup

TST is present in major sporting events held in Spain. During the 4 to 6 December 2009, was held at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona the Davis Cup Final 2009 between the teams in Spain and the Czech Republic. We built a tent adjacent to the Palau Sant Jordi where a tennis court installed for the heating of the players. TST was responsible for the Weatherization this tent attached. The result was the victory of the Spanish team 5-0 and the achievement of the fourth bowl in its history.

Generators in the center of Barcelona

univerdad square groups

TST economic advance copy of the company

TST has increased its staff by 15% in this time of crisis. El Periodico de Catalunya has published the news in the economy section.

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