Climate Division - Heating>>

Heating equipment from 2KW to 400KW electric versions, heat pump for diesel or gas, air heaters and garden heaters

air conditioning

Climate Division - Air Conditioning>>

Self-contained air conditioning from 3KW to 100KW air to air, laptops, spot coolers, heat pumps, water sprays and air curtains

generating sets

Electric Power Division>>

Generators of 2 to 1. 250KVA XXL Rental Power Euro Silenced System  -30dB, electrical panels, wiring, autotransformers, UPS's, stabilizers and current filters


Industrial Refrigeration Division>>

Chillers 65 to 1.000KW, air conditioners, heat exchangers, pumping units, evaporators and buffer tank


Ventilation Division>>

Soundproof cabinet fans from 20,000 to 250,000 m3 / h, ventilation screens, portable fans and Atex versions, reversible and desenfumage, hoses


Atmosphere Division>>

Aromatizers for high volume, air purifiers, ozone generators, water sprays, air humidifiers and dehumidifiers

Fast drying moisture

Fast drying moisture Division>>

Infrared drying ovens, electric heaters, air heaters and dehumidifiers air

bombas de agua

Water Pumping Division>>

Centrifugal electric pumps, submersible electric pumps, silent diesel vacuum pumps, high pumps and diesel pumps

high pressure

High Pressure Division>>

High-pressure cleaners and High pressure boiler


Lighting Division>>

Focus outside, emergency lights, fluorescent hire outside, lighting tower, lift towers and modular truss structures

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We work in all Spain. Power stations in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and Bilbao

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