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Jose Torres was 15 when installing industrial heating portable heating temporarily, with rudimentary machines propane and oil, big spaces, warehouses and buildings. "Those were different times" - as Jose Torres - "in which the predominant use of the machines, the quality and durability."
Throughout the 60's saw great buildings rose the corporate, the major infrastructure, roads, there were large population movements and increased job:
"At that time there was contracts, budget or records, says the manager.

"They did everything in word and paid ticket on ticket."

was fulfilled what was said, the word had more than a contract but were to lose money as promised. However, according to Jose Torres, currently there are companies, particularly large construction companies, which paralyze a bill because the street number is placed on the consignment note the two numbers of the work.
In addition, although agreed upon a payment to 90 days, they will try to pay as little at 180. They are, as I call him, legal theft, "criticizes the employer.
During the 70 Jose Torres moved to Barcelona and formed his own company with his wife, Juana Munoz, who graduated in Law made the management functions for over 15 years. "Those years - highlights Jose Torres - were very hard, there were many political changes, (...) personnel were recruited directly from the train stations.

"Arrived immigrants from the villages and directly went to work."

There was no ETT, employment offices were the bars. In those years there were also many strikes and demonstrations, etc.. "The strikes lasted weeks and to work without encountering pickets had to go to install the machines at night, etc.. The crisis of today is a simple constipation, we've been through those of our generation has overcome the flu that day with effort and suffering, no credit, no globalization without subprime mortgages, "concludes Jose Torres. In the following years Jose Torres was established as the pioneer in solutions for temporary climate, made significant facilities in places such as private parties in the Park Guell in Barcelona, the celebrations at the National Palace, events in Madrid Delicias station, trade fair in Barcelona and Madrid and the great celebrations in Barcelona Drassanes, among others. In the 90 was introduced in Spain air conditioning equipment as an indispensable element in the addresses and subsequently incorporated into the working world, the and industry events. Also regularized conditions climate in the workplace is prevention campaigns launched and Safety, ergonomics manual processes. According to Jose Torres "talked about working climate and more important is that progress is applied daily. That led us grow as a company specializing in temporary solutions in all sectors.


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Jose Torres - Founder

were the years of the projection of the company at and national mentality was changing. "Before - added-was preferred heavy machines, which give too hot or too cold or too ventilation and does not fail, it was an German style. "But little by little French-style change to the point where, in many instances, rather it is attractive to function. Customers have gone from German machines will be hard as a stone, machinery mainly very aesthetic and, if further work, the better, "says Jose Torres.

"Progress the idea of Torres Alquiler de Maquinaria"

During the beginning of this century the TST team was growing and staff specialized increasingly more, both were the divisions of climate, ventilation, electrical power, industrial refrigeration, setting and drying fast humidity.

"Also emerged the other companies of the Torres group: Mator, climate and industrial cleaning machinery distributor; Machines and machines Barcelona, rental of machinery for construction and industry"

We are now in a point we must say to everyone we have the technical equipment specializing in each sector: ventilation, industrial cooling, power electrical, climate, atmosphere and rapid drying of damp, and that each division, Each team is prepared to offer the best solution.

"We turn to the global era of TST technical services"

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We work in all Spain. Power stations in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and Bilbao

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