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TST is committed

Juan Jose Torres - Director General

Social commitment

Concern about the state of our environment, people, families, mountains, oceans, environment, Nature and actively respond to the actions that harm the natural balance of things.

Commitment to results

TST is the responsibility of obtaining the best economic, organizational, strategic and training to ensure the welfare of the people who live up the company and their families, and indirectly ensure the welfare of its customers, suppliers and creditors.

Commitment to the client

Responsibility to ensure that customers have deposited with us your needs and respond with the greatest success.

Commitment to future

TST is committed every day to ensure a better future for the people who form the company, their families, their suppliers, their customers and their creditors.

TST equipped and offers trophies CCD Turó of Peira:


We equip each year the team Benjamin and annual trophies of Peira Club Turo in Barcelona. The turó of Peira Joventud was part of some of us. We want to keep that union help to continue a modest Club 50 years old.


TST installed air conditioning for free each year for the social event of the TV3 MARATHON: All with the Marathon

TST provides machinery for the social event of the Marathon of TV3 every Christmas for 10 years. While all customers send information from the annual campaign and encourages Marathon contrubuir to the cause.



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We work in all Spain. Power stations in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and Bilbao

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