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Electric forced air heaters

Small, versatile and powerful

rent air-heaters

TST rent small notebooks, powerful and extremely quiet.
Clean and odor free heat ideal for restaurants, schools, shops, offices, production lines, workshops, industrial, laboratories, industrial and chemical processes, processes of drying, etc...
Ready to warm immediately just by connecting them to the power supply.
Don't let not a single corner without air conditioning.
TST gives you solutions for all namespaces.

  • TST handles another year of the electrical system, air conditioning and lighting Godo Trophy 2012
    We handle the rental of generators, chillers, air conditioners, wiring, electrical panels, HVAC and lighting.
  • TST Spray water to the 24,000 runners of the "Cursa Bombers" in Barcelona
    Water sprays for the 14 th career firefighters.
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    We work in all Spain. Power stations in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and Bilbao

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