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Quick solutions to moisture problems

Moisture in any construction or reform is one of the main problems that delay and impair the development of all work. The natural drying process tends to be, in the best of cases, of waiting weeks and sometimes months to apply paints or any type of coating on floor, walls and ceiling. The problem is compounded in the case of materials such as linoleum, rubber, pvc, resins, coatings, wood, etc., that require a maximum degree of humidity to ensure your perfect adherence and that ranges between 2.5 and 3% of moisture.

The rapid drying of damp division of TST specializes in quick-drying works, flood of all kinds. We work with many professionals, engineers, architects, reformers, builders, parquetistas, etc. that need rapid drying works quickly and safely.

This problem directly affects the delivery time of the work and causes delays in delivery with the consequent penalty.
There are two acceleration drying systems of moisture in building materials:
- Dehumidification by specific equipment.
- Direct application of heat and ventilation.
The dehumidifiers operate by collecting water from air. Reduce the air humidity and air circulation produces the moisture out of materials into the environment. This system requires completely closed spaces to avoid the continuous drying of air from the outside environment without acting therefore on materials. Its use is ideal in places where an application of heat would affect the equipment of the premises or on premises that are wet in nature or isolated little to control the moisture content, such as cellars, basements, poorly ventilated or low sunny near rivers or the sea.
Applying heat to the materials with heating industrial machines causes rapid evaporation of moisture and, by forced ventilation of the room, this moisture is evacuated to the outside. This system is much faster than the dehumidification system. And the drying time with dehumidifiers is days or weeks, applying heat and ventilation time is reduced to hours of drying.

Currently, to avoid unexpected expenses is included in the budget work a small increase between 0.2 and 0.4% to allocate to faster drying. This ensures the continuous process of the work and avoid the risk of heavy penalties for late delivery date.

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    We handle the rental of generators, chillers, air conditioners, wiring, electrical panels, HVAC and lighting.
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